Fun Links!

Whether you are looking for distance learning, or just some new-to-you theatre-related links to explore, see below for a wide variety of enrichment activities, interesting videos, and knowledge-base-building films relating to our classes.

Theatre- Acting and Tech

  • As you may already know, Crash Course is a great resource to learn about all sorts of things. And they now have a whole series on theatre!

  • This is the group that I studied with on my New York trip a couple summers ago. They are offering free 30 minute lessons/sessions with Broadway stars- actors, writers, directors, etc. Definitely worth checking out.

  • This is a list of things you can do at home to help you hone your craft, beat boredom, and learn more about shows.

  • A feed of performers posting theatre to share with others.

  • A project in which 20 writers submitted a monologue and 20 actors then perform and post the performance of said monologue. Lots of well-known theatre folks involved!

  • The Metropolitan Opera House is currently streaming performances for free at their site!

  • For those who want to get or stay in-the-know about Broadway happenings, there are articles to read and regular updates posted.

  • Kat Steele is a twenty-something actor/director in LA, and she does wonderful videos- she offers tons of advice, gives her thoughts on what’s going on in the theatre world, and does Q&A sessions with fans. I highly recommend checking her out!

  • American Theatre Wing’s youtube playlist that is all about working in theatre. Each video features a different type of job or style of theatre. This is a really cool look into the professional theatre world!

  • This is National Theatre’s youtube page. They have full-length performances, as well as ‘how we made it’ videos, which focus on everything from costumes to sets to flying actors in flight rigs.

  • This is a website that allows you to use 3D modeling to build your own virtual theatre space. If you want to try it at home, they offer a free five day trial.



  • This is an awesome dance video- it’s one “continuous” dance with 42 different choreographers each doing a small part.

  • A variation on the theme above, but with 52 choreographers.


Video Production

  • This link is full of links to videos for student filmmakers, covering everything from how to put together a DIY filmmaking kit to how to shoot great video on a smartphone.

  • We watched one of these together in class, but there are many more crash course videos on different elements of film, and they are all at this link!