Classes in the

RHS Theatre Department

We offer a variety of performance and non-performance classes. If you love being on stage, there are classes for you! Would you rather be behind the scenes? We have those classes too. How about an option that lets you be creative but has nothing to do with theatre? We have a class for that! See below for information on each class we offer in the department.

Theatre Classes
Opera Performances for Children
Beginning Acting

Welcome to your rookie troupe! No matter if you are a seasoned local actor or a totally freaked beginner, we will introduce you to the exciting world of live stage performance. Using a supportive troupe circle approach, you'll be introduced to a variety of warm-ups and exercises designed to focus your mind and build confidence in your vocal and physical skills as well as those of your fellow actors. You'll write and perform original monologues and scenes, and the course will culminate in a showcase of original one-act plays written, rehearsed, directed, and performed by you!

Improvisational Acting

Students learn a basic knowledge of acting techniques, with a focus on developing and improving through the art of improvisation. Various acting exercises will be explored with specific emphasis on character development and working as a collaborative team. If you want to step outside your comfort zone in a safe, supportive way, this is a great class for you!

Performance Theatre

You’re ready for the big step-up into performance theatre, a more advanced on-stage theatre course. Emphasizing a troupe approach to acting, writing, directing, children’s theatre, film, and one-act plays, you’ll get your chance to write, edit, direct, and perform in a variety of theatrical forms with a terrific troupe of supportive and crazy actors. Your original play will be done just in time for the annual Celebration of Literacy Children’s Theatre production. Your spot in the circle is waiting!


**You must take Beginning Acting or Improvisational Acting first, and get approval to take this course. Email the instructor if you would like more details or want to talk about signing up!

Advanced Theatre Study

Advanced Theatre Study is our most challenging course, specifically designed for the student who wants to focus on acting technique. Warm-ups and exercises are designed to bring out expressiveness in the voice, body, and gestures. Through script analysis, in-depth character work, and explorations in accents, acting for stage, stage violence, and directing, the actor will gain skill, confidence, and expressiveness as well as a toolbox with which to create a thousand subtle characters.


**You must have already taken Performance Theatre AND get approval from the instructor to take this course. You may take PT and Advanced Acting simultaneously, as long as it’s not your first semester in PT.**

Technical Theatre

This is a workshop designed to build the basic skills necessary to put on all the magic in the Rose Theatre. Starting with tech badge and safety tests, learn the fundamentals of stage lighting, sound design and sound F/X, set design and construction, prop design and construction, and stage management. Tech students are also responsible for running several after-school events in the Rose Theatre, gaining hands-on practice in the tech booth and valuable experience dealing with theatre clientele.


**You must get pre-approval from the instructor to take this course**

Non-Theatre Classes
Fire Show

Through use of creative games, well-established song craft tricks, technology, and a recording studio, we will work to unleash the unique songs in you. Develop your confidence with rhythm, melody, harmony, genre, and lyric writing so as to create catchy, tuneful songs. Grab that guitar, piano, or pencil, and start writing the soundtrack of your own life!

Dance Performance Workshop

You’re a dancer and you know it. You just have two left feet. Or, you’re an accomplished dancer who wants to explore the athletic and passionate challenges of the salsa, tango, and swing. Either way, your place in the Black Box is waiting for you in this class. This is a one-semester course that will take you from where you are and develop your sense of rhythm, grace, and fun in motion to a variety of partner dances: ballroom, swing, Latin, Stomp, hip hop, and more. No experience necessary. After this semester class, you’ll never feel awkward on the dance floor again!


Hone your skills as a writer and observer in this class! We focus on all elements of writing a play, from brainstorming ideas and creating believable characters to writing a comprehensive plot and story arc. This is a workshop-style class, so you will submit your scripts to the group for reading and revision. You will even get to put on staged readings of your scripts, and submit them for consideration to our one act play festival if you choose. Whether you love being onstage or you prefer a quiet creative writing circle, this class is designed to bring out the best in you as a writer!

Film Studies and Video Production

If you're into film, and want to learn how to produce your own films, come join us! This class will teach you the basics of filming, including camera use, shots and angles, and how to use sound and locations effectively. We study a variety of film genres, and you get the opportunity to create your own short films for class exhibition.